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Maintenance Tips for Your Automatic Gate

Automatic Sliding Glass Door Repair Dubai Having an automatic door is a luxury, and brings you comfort like nothing else but keeping it maintained is another difficult task. Experts of automatic sliding door repair Dubai suggest that you should keep them maintained if you want them to keep performing the way you want them to Automatic Sliding Glass Door Repair Dubai.

If you do not keep them maintained, you will soon have to look for automatic sliding door repair Dubai, which might be a costly project.

Clean It Up

Keeping your automatic sliding door clean is the first step to ensure it keeps working great and does not need frequent repair. In most cases, a water hose should be enough to keep it from the dirt and gunk built-up on the surface. A coat of wax after every wash is also recommended to keep it from the hazards of weather and sun.

Automatic Sliding Glass Door Repair Dubai

A sliding gate can be produced to very wide sizes very easily and generally only requires 1 electric motor to operate therefore saving money over the 2 motors required for a pair of swing Glass. Sliding gates fall into two categories; Cantilever and Tracked systems.

Cantilever sliding Glass systems do not require a ground track – this can be advantageous where the driveway entrance slopes, busy or heavy traffic entrances or where minimal disturbance to the driveway surface is requested.

The main design difference from a tracked system is that the cantilever system has a special section bottom rail in which incorporates two sets of enclosed roller wheels set apart at a predetermined distance attached to a large concrete foundation base.

The cantilever sliding gate is approx 1/3 longer than a tracked slider, the extra length acts as a counterbalance so that the Glass is free to slide back and forth, supported throughout the entire opening/closing width by the roller wheels within the bottom rail.

Grease It Up

Sliding doors have moving parts. Like all other machinery, these too need a good occasional lubrication to make sure they move smoothly. In addition, it is also important to remove the squeaks from the rollers. Greasing is another amazing way to keep them from rusting and hence ensures their efficient performance.

Check Inside

It is likely that there is dirt and gunk built up inside the mechanical box of the gate. This can make the gate inefficient. If overlooked for long, it can cause the gate to malfunction. While it is highly recommended to keep the mechanical components clean, it is important that you contact a service for automatic sliding door repair Dubai to get this job done Automatic Sliding Glass Door Repair Dubai.

Installing a door alone is not enough. You need to get its regular maintenance done and make sure any problem that comes up is quickly and efficiently resolved as soon as it occurs. Moreover, it is also important that only professionals, like the ones at, fix the problems related to your gate. Curtains Fitting in Dubai

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