sliding door repair Dubai

sliding door repair Dubai

Sliding Door Repair Dubai

Sliding Door Repair Dubai Automatic Sliding doors allow people to enter and exit premises quickly and simply, thanks to improved accessibility and employee satisfaction through ease of building access. Automatic sliding doors, whether in shops, hospitals, offices, leisure venues & more will be repaired by our qualified engineers in a minimum amount of time. Automatic Sliding Door Repair Dubai We can provide professional assistance with them all to satisfy all of your requirements. Providing a first impression of your business, the operation of your automatic sliding doors is an important element of your building. Being automated, and under continual use, it means that they are prone to accidental damage & wear and tear.

Aande Garage sliding door repair Dubai. In our experience the solution to fix most faults can be found within the first 30 minutes of an Engineers attendance on site. We can provide all of the tools and components to return your automatic sliding door to operational condition. Work will only be carried out after formal authority has been received and when price quotations have been agreed.

Automatic Sliding Door Repair Dubai

With teams of automatic sliding door engineers throughout the country, we are pleased to provide maintenance to most automatic doors within the Dubai. We also, by stocking our vans with the most commonly used components, generally to complete door repairs in a single visit.

All products, over time, become worn and may need repairs or replacement. This is why your equipment should be regularly serviced. Aande Garage offer affordable automatic door maintenance contracts.

When taking up a contract with Aande Garage . Sliding Door Repair Dubai We offer a guaranteed response time. All our work is carried out by one of our directly employed, multi-skilled and fully qualified   engineers, therefore ensuring repairs are completed to our high standards.  Automatic Sliding Door Repair Dubai All of your equipment comes with one year.  Your warranty that entitles you to free of charge repairs unless vandalism or accident damage is involved. Equipment failure that requires a call out will be logged onto our system and an engineer will attend typically within “24 working hours”. However, the option is available to upgrade your warranty to guaranteed response from the outset with an automatic door maintenance contract. Garage Door Repair Dubai

Response times

Our entire automatic sliding door repair contracts coincide with a response time tailored to suit your individual requirements, which will vary dependent on your security needs. Our 24 hour phone line for repairs has always been a major aspect to our excellent services and this will ensure that any faults you are suffering from can be dealt with quickly and efficiently Automatic Sliding Door Repair Dubai.

 Our Health and Safety Policy

At Aande Garage  we advise that routine maintenance visits are undertaken regularly throughout an automatic sliding doors operational life. This will ensure the door is running as intended and doesn’t infringe any health and safety regulations. Aande Garage would adopt the responsibility of maintaining your equipment, therefore reducing the chances of any costly breakdowns. Without maintenance, as the owner of the equipment you will be liable for any accidents that occur on site. Furniture Assembly Dubai

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