ikea furniture assembly dubai

IKEA Furniture Assembly Dubai

Common IKEA Furniture Assembly Mistakes to Avoid in Dubai


IKEA Furniture Assembly Dubai Despite the instruction manual, assembling IKEA furniture can be a difficult job. In order to get the assembly right, you have to go through the instructions a couple of times, yet you tend to make some mistakes. For a homeowner in Dubai, who struggles with furniture assembly, here are some common mistakes that you make and how you can avoid them.

Scratched Furniture

One of the common mistakes that you can make while assembling your IKEA furniture is getting scratches on them. Scratches normally occur due to dragging or sliding of the wooden parts. The best way to avoid these scratches is to use an area rug or some form of fabric where you intend to assemble your furniture. This will keep the furniture from coming in contact with the hard flooring. In case you get some scratches on your furniture, use a neutral base brown color. Although, it won’t make the scratches go away, it will make them less noticeable.

Missing Pieces

Another common mistake that you can make is make the pieces go missing. This won’t quite be the case if you do the assembly work in an organized manner. To make things easy, store all the pieces in separate cardboard boxes after removing them from the original container. In case one of the pieces goes missing, call the manufacturer to send you a replacement. If a screw has gone missing, try to substitute it with the ones at your home. If it fails to fit in, drill-open a hole and place that screw in.

Broken Pieces

Oftentimes, pieces break while they are being assembled and are noticed after the assembly is complete. In case, you notice a broken piece, do not hurry. Instead, carefully dismantle the assembly. Once dismantled, remove the broken piece and contact IKEA to send you a replacement. Do not continue using an assembly, pieces of which have been damaged.

IKEA Furniture Assembly Dubai

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